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An Additional Mechanism for Automatic Gluing of a Carton Gluing Machine

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In order to solve the problem of the small capacity of the glue hopper of the DH-58E high-speed automatic Carton gluing machine and the frequent addition of adhesive by the operator during the high-speed sizing process, and to reduce the waste rate of the gluing box, an automatic sizing of the Carton gluing machine was designed. Additional agencies. Installing a glue storage bin at the conveying part before the glue box not only increases the glue capacity, but also controls the glue content in the glue hopper. This additional mechanism avoids the problem of product scrapping caused by the sizing wheel being submerged too shallow or too deep in the glue solution, and its effectiveness has been verified in actual use.

In the packaging and printing industry, box gluing is the last process of paper packaging box forming. At present, machine glued boxes are generally used instead of manual glued boxes, which reduces labor costs and improves production efficiency by 31%. However , the reject rate of some folder gluers is high, and some are even as high as 5% to 8%. Therefore, it is necessary to study the sizing of the carton gluer.

In the past, the research on the Carton gluing machine quality of the Carton gluing machine only focused on the operation and process of the Carton gluing machine , and seldom improved the Carton gluing machine equipment .” 5 o. Hangzhou Dale Printing Co., Ltd. cooperated with Zhejiang Dongfang Vocational and Technical College to DH.58E high-speed automatic Carton gluing machine automatic gluing additional mechanism has been improved and designed. By adding the newly designed gluing mechanism, the problem of frequent addition of adhesive has been solved, the quality of gluing has been improved, and the scrap rate of glued boxes has been reduced.

1. The Disadvantages of the Existing Folder Gluer Sizing System

In the in-depth practical investigation, we found that the sizing system of the DH-58E high-speed automatic Carton gluing machine has the following shortcomings:

The glue sizing method of the folder gluer is the rubber wheel coating method, and its glue sizing device is mainly composed of a rubber wheel, a glue bucket, a paper presser, and a glue amount adjustment device . Because there are a large number of transmission mechanisms in the Carton gluing machine, the position of the glue hopper is between the flat output of the carton and the folding of the carton. The size of its space has been limited, and it cannot store adhesive in a large capacity.

Controlling the position of gluing and the amount of glue is an important process, and it is also one of the cores of the quality of the glued box’6. . . Due to the small capacity of the glue hopper , the amount of adhesive in the glue hopper drops rapidly during high-speed box-gluing operations, which affects the amount of glue applied, which in turn affects the forming quality of the carton.

When the storage amount of adhesive in the glue hopper is too small, the amount of glue applied will decrease accordingly , and the phenomenon of “explosion” will easily occur during the high-speed box pasting operation, that is , the carton is degummed and cracked, and the sticking is not firm; when the glue in the glue hopper When the adhesive is added too much, the adhesive will be in the compacting and receiving part, causing the formed carton to stick to the carton. When the carton is separated, the surface material of the carton will be peeled off, thereby destroying the graphics and text, resulting in Lots of waste.

In order to ensure the quality of the pasting box, the glue wheel should not be submerged too shallow or too deep. Therefore, the operator needs to add glue to the glue hopper frequently.

Adhesive, for gray-bottomed whiteboard or white cardboard boxes, use 3mm thick rubber wheels, and the box-gluing speed is about 9000 pieces per hour. Workers need to add adhesive once every 2-3 hours on average, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. The guarantee of gluer quality depends on the memory and sense of responsibility of the operator, which is very difficult to achieve long-term stable production quality. Therefore, the user wishes to make the following improvements to the Carton gluing machine: Increase the glue storage capacity without affecting the transmission of the Carton gluing machine; Stablize.

2. Design of Product Attachment Mechanism

In order to meet the needs of users, our team has repeatedly discussed and tested with the front-line operating technicians, and designed a glue storage bin without affecting the normal high-speed operation of the Carton gluing machine. It is characterized by large capacity and simple manufacturing process. , Easy to install. The rubber storage bin is mainly composed of rubber bins, cone plates, outriggers, seamless pipes, plastic pipes, covers, supports, two-way valves, bottom plates, beams and other components . The glue bin is mainly used to store the adhesive. The adhesive in the glue bin enters the glue hopper through the seamless pipe, the plastic pipe and the two-way valve. The flow of the adhesive is controlled by the two-way valve to ensure that the glue in the glue hopper The total amount of adhesive remains relatively constant over a longer period of time.

The beneficial effects of using this mechanism are: By installing a large-capacity glue storage bin above the original glue sizing system, it can hold 25-30kg of adhesive at a time. Not only will not affect the transmission of the folder gluer, but also the glue storage capacity can be increased. The choice is yours, without limitations. The flow of adhesive out of the glue storage bin is controlled through a two-way valve, so that the capacity of the adhesive in the glue hopper remains relatively stable during high-speed box-gluing operation, and the operation

The operator does not need to add adhesive frequently, and at the same time, the quality of the pasting box is also guaranteed. The data comparison before and after installing the glue storage bin on the folder gluer is shown in Table 1

shown. From the data in Table 1, it can be seen that after installing the glue storage bin, the waste rate of glued boxes is significantly reduced.

3.  Implementation of Finished Product Attachment Mechanism

In order to avoid as much as possible the reaction between the material and the adhesive during the long-term contact process, the material of the entire glue bin and the part in contact with the material is 0Crl8Ni9. Considering that the glue bin needs a certain strength, the thickness of the material is 3mm; Material selection of seats and beams

Q235A, the two-way valve is made of stainless steel 304 ball valve. The actual assembly process of the glue storage bin is as follows: the whole glue bin is welded by stainless steel plate, cone plate and bottom plate with round holes, and the seamless pipe is tightly connected with the bottom plate of the glue bin through welding. Four outriggers are welded around the glue bin, and two adjacent outriggers are connected by beams. One end of the plastic pipe is tightly connected with the seamless pipe, and the other end is connected with the two-way valve. The support is welded by 4 legs and a plate with a perforation, and the plastic tube passes through the hole in the middle of the plate.

The actual installation process of the glue storage bin is as follows: After the glue bin and the support mechanism are completed, the support is first installed on the carton delivery part at the front end of the glue application device. The specific implementation is shown in Figure 3. The installation position of the support should try not to affect the debugging and operation of the Carton gluing machine, and at the same time, it should not affect the conveying of the carton.

There are two ways to install the support, one is the welding method, the support is welded on the outer wall panel of the folder gluer; the other is the bolt installation method, by punching holes in the outer side wall panel of the folder gluer, Secure the legs with countersunk head bolts. After the support is installed, the glue bin is fixed on the support platform by bolts. Before starting the machine, inject the adhesive into the new glue storage bin and the sizing hopper of the folder gluer respectively, cover the lid of the glue storage bin, and leave a certain gap between the lid and the glue bin to prevent the vacuum from forming in the glue bin.

The adhesive cannot flow down smoothly; after starting up, open the two-way valve, and the flow of adhesive injected into the sizing hopper through the glue bin should be able to keep the liquid level of the adhesive in the sizing hopper in a relatively stable state for a long time. In addition, after the machine stops working, it is necessary to clean up the residual adhesive in the glue bin, glue hopper, plastic pipe and valve in time to prevent it from being blocked by the adhesive. By installing this new type of glue storage bin on the folder gluer, in the general production process, the machine runs for a day, and the operator only needs to add adhesive once or twice , which greatly simplifies the operation and saves time and effort.

Attachment Mechanism Description Benefits
Die-cut Inserts Precision-cut cardboard shapes designed to hold products. Provides a snug fit, recyclable, and cost-effective.
Foam Inserts Soft foam cut to shape to hold and protect the product. Offers cushioning and protection from shocks.
Plastic Clamshells Clear plastic containers that sandwich a product. Provides visibility and security, but less eco-friendly.
Elastic Bands Stretchy bands that hold a product in place against cardboard. Simple, flexible, and can be reused.
Adhesive Dots Sticky dots that adhere a product to the carton. Keeps product in place, easy to use, but may leave residue.


Aiming at the shortage of the carton handle installation device in terms of the installation strength of the handle belt, through the discussion and analysis of the timing cycle diagram and the cam swing mechanism scheme, a belt threading device (handle installation device) that meets the requirements is designed. At the same time, the established three-dimensional model of the belt threading device was simulated and analyzed to verify the correctness of the design scheme.

This design scheme can not only be used for the design of the environment-friendly handle belt threading mechanism, but also be used for high-speed sports occasions that require periodic mutual cooperation of multiple actuators .


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